Your Fundamental Goal

What’s THE FUNDAMENTAL GOAL of your life?

You may or may not know this but know that your fundamental goal is all about life: it includes all your essential sub-goals like creating a business, getting a job promotion, or attaining a high level of spirituality.

Although most people do not have a clear fundamental goal in their life, if they do, it can serve humanity as a guiding light.

How to discover your fundamental goal?

Step 1: Observe your life and list what you’d like to eliminate from your life. Things, relationships, and experiences that are causing you anxiety, annoyance, disappointment, apprehension, aversion, and displeasure are good candidates for elimination. Select no more than 4 or 5 critical items to eliminate for the best results.

Step 2: List what you want in your life: Observe what things, relationships, and experiences make you happy and satisfied. Feel free to write down ten or more items in this list. A word of caution: do not write too many contradictory things in this list. For example, you cannot have two vacations at two different places at a time!

Step 3: Set priorities and overcome the blockades: Write down the selected items from the first two steps, carefully think about them and prioritize. Think of any blockers and visualize how you would overcome them.

Step 4: Write your testimony: Consider your life as a project. Think: at the end of your life, what testimonial you’d have received if it were a client project? Your testimony is the statement of value you brought to this world, and it will make your name memorable in the world!

Step 5: Write your fundamental goal: Keep it short and crisp. Express the essence of your life. When you read your fundamental goal, you should feel energized, committed, enthusiastic, and, most important – it must highlight your most important priorities in life.

To approach the fundamental goal discovery process, you must ask specific questions. Here are some questions t that can help you:

  • What are your daydreams?
  • How do you want to look and feel?
  • In your life, what is one most important matter at this point?
  • Who is your role model? Why?
  • Where will you spend your time if you no longer have to work? With whom?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your most significant weaknesses?
  • What inspires you the most?
  • What gives you the least satisfaction?
  • If there is no chance of failing, what is one action that you would like to take?

Remember, there are no right or generic answers to the above questions. The answer that you feel is right is the most appropriate starting point for you. Each person is unique, as are the answers to the above questions.

No matter what process you follow, it would be effective to have a Fundamental Goal in place. It can serve as your guiding compass in your life.