Delve into UV’s varied endeavors, including tech companies, finance companies, general businesses, publications, and communities. Uncover the connections that fuel progress across these different pursuits.

Upsquare® Technologies

MicroSaaS, IoT, Edtech, Insuretech, and IT consulting services.

Phenovox® Ventures

Angel investment, research, syndication, and app incubation services.


General Matrix

Publication, e-commerce, travel, and talent solutions.


Startup Culture Code

An open-source culture code for building a strong startup culture.

Ahmedabad IT Angels

Angel Investment Network formed by Ahmedabad IT Service Company Owners.

Enrise Social Foundation

Social enterprise with a focus on the well-being of the less privileged individuals.


Scrum for Startup

A startup creation framework that leverages principles, patterns, and practices offered by Scrum in the Startup context.



140 Thought-Lenses to Build Better Software Using Scrum.



Mindset, practices, and frameworks and observations for building sustainable startups.