What I’m doing now

Today is the 20th day of 2023.

As always, I was in Europe for the last three weeks for Christmas. Happy vibes, Europe showers at Christmas.

Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, and Slovenia offered their custom flavor of Christmas, but they all had two things in common:

  • Schengen Visa
  • Gluhwein

It has been almost eight years since we have been visiting Europe on Christmas – and Gluhwein has been my warm companion.

Who doesn’t like to sip a mulled red hot wine simmered with sugar, orange, cinnamon, and cloves? Cheers to warm Gluhwein in cold Europe.

It was a much-awaited break as I concluded a super hectic sprint full of various personal and professional events.

Upsquare’s Strategy Meet 2023 at Lonawala was amazingly energetic yet super exhaustive. Hectic flights, road travel, long series of strategic discussions, setting up SMART goals, and policy reforms followed by a few fun hours in Mumbai.

Upsquare Strategy Meet 2023

While many people’s new year resolutions have become a matter of the past, some of us might be progressing towards whatever SMART goals we set.

On the personal front, my reading continues.

In the last 30 days, we added 20 more people to the team. Hiring speed is getting intense. If you have a growth mindset and want to take on an entrepreneurial project, please send me a note on hello (at) utpal (dot) me.

My health is not bad, although I got a cold and throat pain due to severe weather changes when I landed back in India – but it got normal within a couple of days.

I am continuing to consume Green Tea and warm water throughout the day.

The state where you are neither happy nor unhappy is unique.

Can that state serve humans more? Or is it okay to let happiness and unhappiness poke us in their way? It is more of a life design question to which I am still trying to discover an answer.

That’s fine; we never get answers; we make them suit our temporary understanding of the moment! Let the discovery continue.

My regular LinkedIn posting is a little less where I write about #dhandhekafunda posts, but I hope to share more of my thoughts in 2023.

Last update date: Friday, 20 Jan 2023. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)