Learning from every experience

Learning from every experience is possible. You can learn even from a funny TEXT message you receive. Here’s a message I got:

Most Insulting Line Ever Said to Google:

“Dear Google,

Can you just allow me to write my whole sentence before you start guessing?

Best regards,
A poor poweruser.”

The TEXT message might sound funny but there’s an important lesson to learn.

It’s easy to find people who start interrupting while you’re speaking.  It’s easy to guess. It’s easy to interrupt.

Most people have a tendency to react to the information from their past experience. They think that they just know it. In fact, they miss a basic concept: things happening around are very distinct from one another. And it is important to recognize that each of the things happening around might need distinct attention in the present context.

Being available in the present moment is hard. Listening is hard. Being able to communicate is hard. Making your communication effective is hard.

Good communication has little to do with your intelligence but a lot to do with how relevant you’re with the person you’re interacting with.

So next time, pause and think when you want to interrupt someone who’s speaking. Listen carefully. Take a deep breathe and ask: what value would my words bring if I speak now? If the value is zero then choose to be quiet and see yourself being more content and earning more respect.

Yes, you can learn from every experience. You can learn even from a funny SMS you receive!