Written Goals

The power of written goals is unmatchable.  The possibility of achieving the goal increases from 10 to 1000 times more when the goals are written. Here is what written goals can do for you:

  1. Build up your moral fiber by promoting a long-term point of view;
  2. Put you at the cause of the matter and not just at the effect;
  3. Powers you up to be the driver of your own life. Makes you a leader rather than just a manager of your life;
  4. Act as a consistent source of internal motivation that lasts;
  5. Facilitates you to stay focused;
  6. Helps you concentrate on what’s more important than what’s more urgent;
  7. Boosts your decision-making capabilities;
  8. Improves your self-confidence;
  9. Helps you architect the blueprints of your future in advance;
  10. Makes you more proactive;
  11. Intensifies your alertness of opportunities that are consistent with your goals;
  12. Makes you a better individual you want to become as a result of the chase!

Write your goals today; become someone who you want to become, right now.