My Ideal Workplace


Work is an important part of our life and workplace – an important environment. Here is my kind of workplace that I love as a power-performer and I hope such a workplace will be loved by you too!

  1. It has minimum obligatory management controls;
  2. Personal accountability is practiced and rewarded;
  3. Work comes in complete entities; rather than just a small chunk of the whole;
  4. Ability to choose “what” and “when” of the tasks which I undertake;
  5. The organizational feedback system which transparently evaluates results that I produce;
  6. Opportunities are given to the new projects according to my abilities and performance rather than my seniority or personal relationship with the boss!
  7. Rewards based on performance;
  8. Positive confrontation is welcomed and appreciated;
  9. My Key Result Areas are clearly communicated to me;
  10. I am praised for good performance and reprimanded for not so good with specific inputs about where I need the improvement;
  11. Performance is a #1 organization priority;
  12. There is no room for bad-politics and leg-pulling;
  13. Various possibilities for personal and professional development;
  14. I am given an opportunity to discuss and comment on changes that affect me and my work;
  15. When things go wrong, I am asked, “What we can do now?” rather than “Why the hell this is wrong, why didn’t you understand this?”;
  16. Flat reporting hierarchy. If the lowest level of employee in the hierarchy wants to connect with the CEO, he should be just an email (or other such means!) away;
  17. Human Resource department treats Human Resources as humans, not resources;
  18. I am allowed to take at least 2 weeks of vacation in a year to rejuvenate myself and after coming back, attack on my tasks with enhanced energy and zeal;
  19. Customer focused culture is designed and nurtured. I am taken so much of care as an employee, the first customer, that I can’t stop myself taking great care of the clients;
  20. Systems based approach rather than personal dependencies;
  21. Quality is just not a process but inherited from the values on which my organization has been built;
  22. A system where new ideas are sourced from everyone in the organization who can “think” — the system will reward the good ideas and archive the not-so-good or irrelevant ideas; 
  23. The Sales team sells the services based on realities and real values that my organization provide to the clients and not exaggerated information and inflated facts;
  24. The organization’s focus is on long term sustainable profits rather than short-term-financial-gains at any cost;
  25. The Finance and Accounting Systems are accurate and transparent;
  26. Training is an integral part of the organization’s routine;
  27. The specific and tough interview process in place. A process that is aligned with my organization’s long term strategic objectives;
  28. The organization exhibits integrity in all of their actions. The organization leverages my strengths rather than emotions;
  29. Where results are more important than time spent in the office;
  30. Where I love to run an extra mile without being asked!