Zen Story: Coach

A coach saw five of the interns practicing software engineering. When they took a break, the coach asked the interns, “Why do you write code?”

The first intern replied, “Coding is an in-demand, high-paying career. I’m glad that I will not have to do the clerical work that some of my school friends do in their jobs.”

The coach praised the intern, saying, “You’re a smart engineer. When you gain more experience, you won’t have to worry about coaching as I do.”

The second intern replied, “I love the constructs, structures, and, even more important, the business impact that my code would create.”

The coach praised him, “Your senses are active, and you see more than many others. Good for your career.”

The third intern replied, “When I write the code, I feel so content that I am creating something useful for the people who would use the app.”

The coach praised the third intern, “Your mind will easily grasp the programming techniques of today and the future and make you a competent programmer.”

The fourth intern answered, “As I write the code, I create something systematic that will improve people’s lives.”

The coach was pleased and said, “You are riding on the golden path, which will offer you win-win and favorable situations in your life.”

The fifth intern replied, “I write code to write code.”

The coach sat at the fifth intern’s feet and said,  I am your student. Will you choose to be my coach?”