Will I ever find God?

During the course of their long journey, a renowned master and his student were passing by a village one morning. They stopped by a villager’s house to request some water.

While giving them a jug of water, a villager asked:

“Will I ever find God?”
“You will,” replied the Master.

And they continued their journey. In the afternoon stopped by a place to eat their lunch.

A young careless princess passed by the road. While drinking some water from their jug, she asked:

“Will I ever find God?”
“No, you won’t,” said the Master.

In the evening, when they reached another village, a gentle but strong leader of the village welcomed them and offered the dinner and asked the same question:

“Will I ever find God?”
“That’s up to your choice,” replied the Master.

And they went to sleep.

The student was not able to sleep. During the day, they met three different people. All of them asked the same question but the Master gave them different answers. He was wondering whether he has chosen the right master.

“Because they all are different human beings, and each one of them will find God his or her own path.”

“The villager will find God by believing in what I said.”
“The literate princess will try different wise ways and find God on her own as she would not necessarily believe in what I said.”
“The leader will believe in his own choice so when he will make the correct choice, he’ll find God!”