Needs Vs. Wants

Needs Vs. Wants – At any given time, you serve one or the other.

When you feel like needing something (or someone), first, you miss it and then you do something about it. It’s a different thing whether you get it or not.

If you haven’t got it and you still feel the need, you’ll not give up and keep searching for a breakthrough, much like a research lab, and figure out different ways to achieve what you need.

No hard feelings if you haven’t got it yet. Like research labs, you know that failures are part of your life. All you care is about doing your best and then don’t worry too much about the results.

Now, it is easier said than done but that’s what.

Wants, on the other hand, work differently with you. They have a habit to take you over. They have a habit to make you crave about the results.

If you get positive results, you feel happy. And if you get negative results, you feel sad.

Wants have the power to control your happiness at a minimum and quality of life at large.

When you let your wants take over yourself, although unknowingly, you start living passive life.

If you live an active life, you fill it with meaning. Meaning gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Some of you are smart and would say, “We know how to maintain the balance between active life and passive life.”

Hats off to you if you can do it but in practice, it is very difficult. You have to have a binary answer (Yes or No) about whom you want to be the leader of your life. You or your wants?

If you use your wants as your “servants”, they’re good. If you let them lead your life, you’re gone.

Question – What do you do with your wants? You let them lead your life or you lead your life and allow some space to them?