Who Else Wants The Best Out Of The Team 51

The chief reason humans form teams is to have the collective best output. Here are 51 ideas/insights that can help you to get the best out of your team:

  1. Habitually express that they are important to you, to the project and to the organization.
  2. Laugh together on small accomplishments…and failures too to learn something from them and move on.
  3. Compliment them in public for the special qualities they have. Be as specific as you can.
  4. Give them necessary comfort when they really need it.
  5. Speak respectfully, don’t put them down or hurt their feelings.
  6. Give them some space to do whatever they like to – within the allowable boundaries of-course.
  7. Be enthusiastic over things that they’re excited about and share their excitement.
  8. Do something you think they want to be done before they ask.
  9. Discuss changes with them first before you apply them.
  10. Show interest in the things they love.
  11. Learn something from them without being defensive.
  12. Let go of the small stuff.
  13. Be a good listener and value what they say.
  14. Associate with them even unofficially. A weekend trip is a great idea.
  15. Gift a bottle of the wine of their choice as a surprise.
  16. Set specific targets to achieve together.
  17. Let them feel that they are an integral part of the team. Great if it resembles a real-life family.
  18. Don’t take them for granted, always be polite.
  19. Don’t feel shy while admitting your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.
  20. Defend them to others, especially to other cross-functional teams.
  21. Don’t diminish their acumen.
  22. Be especially helpful when they are not feeling well.
  23. Share small details of your routines with them and ask them to do so – this establishes and maintains trust
  24. Don’t embarrass them in front of others.
  25. Make eye contact when you are talking.
  26. Give them your full attention whenever possible.
  27. Do not forget to wish the important dates of their lives. At least birthdays and anniversaries.
  28. Let them know when you know you are going to be late in the meetings.
  29. Give them your undivided attention when they’re talking.
  30. Never compare them unfavorably with others.
  31. Take care of yourself, It shows you care!
  32. Be supportive. Help them to achieve her goals.
  33. Run errands without complaining.
  34. Explicitly mention their names when you make plans.
  35. Do things that make them feel cherished.
  36. Build trust in your relationship.
  37. Be kinder to them than you are to strangers.
  38. Make sure they feel valued above everyone else.
  39. Show affection for them in front of other colleagues.
  40. Mentally support them when they are discouraged or hurt.
  41. Surprise them with an unexpected gift.
  42. Honor them and support their dignity.
  43. Arrange a surprise dinner for them sometimes.
  44. Be sympathetic when they are feeling down.
  45. Don’t ignore the small things that bother them.
  46. Tell them and show them that you value them every day.
  47. When you away keep in touch via call or email often.
  48. Don’t promise something you cannot keep later.
  49. Ask them what you can do to have better communication in place. And work upon their answer.
  50. Accept them the way they are and the way they are not… and do something about it.
  51. Don’t just do the above things just for the sake of doing it, mean it!