Learn from a difficult boss

If you have a boss who is unwilling to take you to the next ladder in your growth path because she is defending the status quo and highlighting your inability on whatever official document she uses to score, you could consider yourself as a loser.

Or you can remind yourself:

  1. Scores are fake, your abilities, energies, and passions are real;
  2. Work you produced and the person you became while producing the work is worth more than getting an agreement from the boss;
  3. Ability to persist against this kind of odds is a powerful ability.
  4. Aligning actions to find the fitment is mediocre. Instead, being able to take a stand pays off in the long run;
  5. If you can listen to the criticism, retrospect and learn something out of it, not being exposed to criticism is cursing.

Sometimes, reporting to a difficult boss can excel your abilities to deal with difficult situations.

Every encounter is an opportunity for learning if you make the right choice. Easier said than done.