What “Yes” Means

Let me ask this again: What “Yes” Means?

I trust you;
I am available;
I think I will make that happen;
I have faith in my abilities to move ahead despite the challenges;
I am the person you think I am;
I have the skills you are looking for;
I am the kind of person who enjoys things like this;
I want to try this;
I want to make love to you;
I see this as the most lucrative business offer;
I have got my dream job;
I want to open the doors of opportunities for me (and you);
I might learn something that I should … well, maybe …

What it does not mean:
I exactly know how to get it done;
I love the idea as you do, maybe more than you;
I have considered EVERYTHING that may go wrong with this …

And, the most important: I understand the consequences of my choice thoroughly…

Say “Yes” only when you are convinced that despite all what you don’t know, you will assume unconditional responsibility for your choice and do whatever it takes… may it be marriage, may it be business or may it be any decision.

That’s why “No” is a better ‘default’ for most people. What’s yours?