Weakness 17

  1. Hate changes;
  2. Never say sorry;
  3. What the heck is accountability?
  4. Always agree;
  5. Show draughtiness;
  6. Disrespect who are not in power;
  7. Take credit for other’s work;
  8. Choose the short-term sacrificing the long term;
  9. Use time in office politics;
  10. Never confront;
  11. Think win-lose;
  12. Publically speak ill of team members;
  13. Hide the truth;
  14. Make excuses – to the self, to the customer, to the family…to everyone.
  15. Differentiate between the team members on a need basis rather than merit basis;
  16. Publically commit something but never do it;
  17. Being workaholic.

…are some of the examples of weakness and the world around you is taking note of it. Are you comfortable with that?