Want to be what you think you might have been?

“But the company I work with doesn’t allow me to become what I might have been.”

No point pointing figures to anyone else. You make your choices, and you are responsible for it.

‘You’ are your environment, or at least a major building block of it.

  • The policies you follow guide your processes;
  • The colleagues you associate with and conversations you go through become important perspectives for actions you take at your workplace;
  • Smarter the people around you and you too are smarter;
  • Fill your laptop with great personal development e-books, (trusting you’re disciplined enough to read and act upon) and you’ll start practicing the possibilities they offer!

Remember what George Elliot said,

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.”

Environment plays a great role in what you become. Choose the best environment for you and you’ll start becoming the best.

Sure, ‘How’ part of choosing the best environment is difficult but that’s what it takes to be what you think you might have been!