Waiter Vs. Grabber

Are you waiting for the right time to start working towards your major career goal?

Let me tell this up front – you’re NOT going to make it happen.

“Now, that’s rude. Tell me the reason or … f**” you might be thinking.

I have a simple answer to this: “You wait. You shouldn’t.”

  • You think it is not the right time;
  • You think you do not have the right skills;
  • You think you haven’t done the necessary research;
  • You think you have a lack of resources.

These thoughts, no matter how valid they seem on the surface, are NOT going to make your life better.

And you told me that you wanted to make your life better, didn’t you?

Still, you think that you will do it one day … when the time is right.

You choose to be a waiter.

When you’re a student, you wait for a significant amount of time to complete your academics. You think you will start doing something when your degree is earned.

Once your degree is earned, you wait for the interview calls. You think you will do better when you get an interview call from the “right” MNC.

Often at work, you do more or less the same thing – you wait for your manager to provide you with an “authority” and a “vision” to buy-in and make something happen.

But a few people, only a few, grab it instead.

What is “it”?

An opportunity!

They grab the best learning they can get, pushing their surroundings for more, finding something to get done, and inventing a new perspective.

Reflect on this powerful quote from Shiv Khera:

Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.

The grabbers are the winners. 

They acquire more lessons than the minimum, they invent new ways of getting things done and they come out with wonders.

People who grab the opportunities at work – and life at large – are effective leaders, no matter what their titles are.

Did you know that in order to achieve your career goal, you will have to lead?

It is okay if you didn’t but now you know.

Today is the greatest time for the Leaders.  Choose to be a Grabber.  Success will follow!