2 things to improve upon

Here are two things we can improve upon to make an immediate difference in our life.

1. Understanding  perceptions

Many times we take in information from everywhere without particularly being focused on slowing down and understanding the right perspective.

For example, consider the following:

A person from India – who usually lives in 40-45 degree – goes to Germany, lands at Frankfurt, finds that temperature is 4 degree and texts his father that it’s very cold.

At the same time, another person from northern part of Europe – who lives in 0 to minus 35 degree –lands at Frankfurt, finds that temperature is 4 degree and calls home saying the weather is very warm.

The fact is, the temperature is 4 degree – you call it cold or warm that depends on the place you live.

When you listen to statements such as ‘It’s very cold’ or ‘it’s very hot’, if you look at it from the right perspective, you will end up making better decisions.

2. Prioritizing based on importance

We often make the mistake of prioritizing things based on its urgency – that may or may not be of real importance.

Focus on what’s more important and assertively eliminate the things that are not important regardless of its (maybe deemed) urgency.  This will make you more effective.

Easier written than exercised.