On imitated love

Do you know what is love?

Have you ever felt that you want your beloved to do the things only what you ask him or her?

Have you ever expected that there should not be any secret that your beloved should be keeping from you?

You constantly feel the need to know anything and everything that he or she is going through?

Do you often feel that your beloved is doing the wrong things if your beloved is doing something that you don’t think he or she should be doing?

Then let me tell you what you are practicing – maybe unknowingly – is imitated love, not true love.

The reason is simple – True love gives freedom. True love flourishes. Love becomes true only when it gives (freedom, care, support, acceptance and more) to the beloved.

“If there is attachment in love, then love will be a prison. If love is without attachment then love itself is the divine.” ~ Osho

True love respects the another person’s independence and privacy.

However, it is not seen common in society as the most societies are created based on fears and fear is a restrictive force.

The efforts lovers put are that everything should be shared, known and there should be no such thing as individual privacy. They are afraid of another person’s individuality.

They treat their love as an avenue to extinguish the other person’s independence.

They expect that other person to share his or her bank account details, mobile address book, email passwords, participant content of 3-days resident training program that he or she attended or the price of the wristwatch they gifted to their childhood friend…everything.

They are scared of another person’s individuality.

And still, they hope that by extinguishing each other their life will become serene and worth living like.

But it becomes more and more woeful.

I would ask you to get clear on this – Real love is not a permanent thing…similar to real life. You have been given inappropriate concepts that true love is eternal and will stay forever.

True love is like a garden. It does not remain forever. It has to die one day. Anything true is a constant change, so is true love.

Love happens to you. It is not because of any efforts on your part but it comes as a gift. You cannot request, persuade or compel someone to love you…it is very similar to the fact that you cannot request, persuade or compel the Sun to rise. Same is the case with gardens.

It is also certain that anything that is born will die. Sun will set. Gardens will be whitened. Love will be gone. That’s the law of nature.

One garden whitens; another garden comes your way. ?

Different gardens will come to you continuously but if you stick to one garden, soon you may find yourself with a dead garden.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality – people stick on a dead garden that once was alive, now it is the only history.

So, if you want to love truly then deliberately detach from the person. Give freedom. Respect other person’s privacy. Remember, every living being has their own life which is outside of you. That’s how it is. Another person is not your slave. The other person is an independent life.

This will not overrule the possibility that love might fade one day…if it is real then it will be…one day…but certainly, when you choose to give freedom to your love, it will enrich your life.