The choice of feeling

Why do people from Gujarat often love to visit Diu?

So they can enjoy the hard drinks that they officially cannot in the dry state, right?


That’s not the only reason.

People go to Diu to find a beautiful blend of sea, sand, and sun with an interesting history. Now a Union Territory, separated from Goa in 1987, it was a Portuguese colony until 1961. Find more info here.

Last week, three friends and I went for a weekend trip to Diu to spend some quality time together.

Three of them came directly from Rajkot. I reached directly from Ahmedabad. We reached early morning. Our booking at Sugati Beach Resort was already taken care of by a friend who runs a travel agency.

I visited Diu after 6 years. Earlier, when I used to serve domestic clients, I used to visit Diu every now and then. I must have visited Diu for about 30 times from 2003 to 2007.

When I hear the word “Diu”, I always see images of good-hearted, loving people who are always ready to help you selflessly.

We spend some good time together. Sugati Beach Resort was good as it offers a kind of private beach, which is not crowded by people as Nagoa Beach that most people visit because of its popularity.

Our weekend was filled with witnessing the sunrise beside the Arabian Sea and capturing its different shades, having good breakfast and lunch at the hotel, spending quality time with friends and visiting nearby places, taking some snacks, drinking chilled beers in hot weather and sitting on the cold sand of Ghoghla beach in the moonlight.

During the past year, my camera has missed me a lot. Less number of trips, other priorities, new changes, and challenges…there are many things that are causing me to keep not so close with it.

So playing with the camera also felt like an event!

“You realize the importance of someone when they are not accessible to you as they were; otherwise it is routine,” My camera said to me.

When I was returning back, it left me thinking:

My camera was the same; I was the same but the experiences were different.

Most of the time we react to what happens to us and just “feel” what is obvious according to our default ‘act’.

The other way, apparently the difficult one, is to first feel what we want to and then turn the situations around.

Something for me to get better at…