Track your progress daily

Do you track your progress daily?


Imagine this scenario: an idea took over your energies, and you felt passionate about it. You set your goals enthusiastically and started chasing them diligently.

Days passed … then some weeks … then some months …

… and then, on a lonely weekend evening, you’re wondering, even though you have reached many of your goals, you don’t feel accomplished. The degree of your fulfillment vs. the energy you brought in is out of proportion, and you should do something about it.

This has happened to me more than once and kept me wondering why this happens even after accomplishing some of the significant (sounding) goals I had set for myself.

Here’s a big idea – Track Your Progress Daily, not just against individual small-time goals but against your fundamental goal that you’ve consciously bought into.

You may be accomplishing many of the small-time goals, but if you don’t track your progress against your fundamental life goal, it might be worthless.

You might have progressed a lot in an individual goal but accomplishing that goal might have taken you far from your fundamental goal.

Progress is important. Ensuring that your progress is in the direction of your fundamental life goal is even more important.

Track Your Progress Daily. Just a couple of minutes spent on this exercise can make your life experiences more meaningful.