To make a difference …

To make a difference, you need to excel in your area of passion, regardless of what your passion is.

May your passion be writing an extraordinary software, may it be building a world-class team that delivers results, may it be becoming a great photographer or a writer or a speaker…whatever.

Be in the %1 group of your passion, no matter how. Consider what Shiv Khera said, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!”

In order to start making a difference, the following 3 simple steps would be useful:

1. Determine

Things are created twice in this world. First, in our thoughts and then in reality. When you determine to do something, you visualize vividly how it will look like in the end.  In fact, determination is the single most important thing that will inspire you to take actions.

2. Start

The most successful things in this world were in the form of thoughts once. The step that made those things successful was that they started ‘acting’ upon that thought.  The start doesn’t necessarily have to be the right thing. Doesn’t matter if the start results in early failure. Anyways, failures are at a far side of success. Just start. Fail, fail, succeed, fail, fail, fail and succeed in the end.

3. Inspect and adapt

Once it’s started, follow it with massive relevant actions. While taking the next action: pause, inspect and adapt to the changes. A sharpened saw is much more powerful than unsharpened. Make sure that your actions are aligned with the determination you had. If so, sooner than later you will start making a difference. Guaranteed!

Did I tell you that an excellent time to start making a difference is right now?