Frustration – a stepping stone for success

When most people hear the word “Frustration,” they experience a negative emotion.

Most people do not consider themselves successful and perhaps that is the reason people who consider themselves successful deal with frustrations differently.

They see that frustration is a trigger of an improvement possibility which has the power to lead you to success because it offers possibilities to help people grow and make things better.

For example, complaining client, unsupportive colleague or employee-unfriendly human resource policy – all are valid reasons that can trigger frustrations. But think of the opportunities lie inside each of the frustration:

  • A complaining client could be an opportunity to look at your services critically and improve your customer experience.
  • An unsupportive colleague could be an opportunity to improve your communication and to build a lasting personal relationship.
  • Employee unfriendly human resource policy could be an opportunity to reevaluate your own past actions – to affirm whether you are working with the right kind of organization or not.

The key here is to come up with a process that can handle the frustration well. Allow me to put it this way: a frustration is only a frustration if you encounter it twice!