Think Good to Feel Good: 20 Simulations

“There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so.” ~ Hamlet

Quality of our world is directly proportionate to the images we see when we encounter the words – spoken or heard.

Here’s what we do subconsciously when we encounter the words:

  1. We hear the word.
  2. Our subconscious mind seeks the associated images that are stored along with the meaning of that word.
  3. We see the images of the meanings.
  4. We experience the meaning of the word.
  5. We feel good or bad about that particular experience.

The monster is the image. The image we see makes us feel good or bad.

If we want to feel good, we need to associate good images with the words we encounter.

So why not associate words (that contribute to creating and storing positive, feel-good kind of images associated with the meanings of those words) and create the framework to think good to feel good.

  1. I’m just good enough to get what I want.
  2. All the time, I feel superior.
  3. People around me care about me.
  4. Everyone has different thoughts so I’m never concerned about what other people might think of me.
  5. Everything is going to be right with me.
  6. When I really want something, I become like a magnet and people join the mission I take on.
  7. Thoughts that travel frequently in my mind – I’m powerful. Strong. Safe and thriving.
  8. I’m worthy.
  9. People like what I do.
  10. I love others without expecting anything in lieu of it. I feel happy when I do that.
  11. I always take good care of myself.
  12. I’m a man (or woman) of character. Full of integrity. Every single time.
  13. I create my own world and the experiences within that.
  14. I may not have all that I want but I have enough of what I need.
  15. I wear the clothes I like. I drive the car I enjoy. I spend time with people I love.
  16. I play music, don’t let the music play with me.
  17. I choose to stay positive even when situations don’t let me.
  18. I’m an action-man. Not a thinking drone.
  19. My physique is in its best time. I have created it.
  20. I’m handsome. I’m beautiful. I’m rocking. Yes, I’m.

Five Bonus Think Good to Feel Good Stimulations so it is 25 now.

  1. I may not know how many days I would live this life but I know that I’ll add life to each day I live.
  2. I’m genuinely interested in other people. Not because I have to but because I want to.
  3. My life is full of abundance. I choose what I want to do.
  4. I’m the most interesting person I know.
  5. I’m the Sun who shines so that others can get the light.

What about you? Do you have any such thoughts that you leverage to feel good about?

Update 05 Feb 2013: Based on the above post, I gave a presentation – 25 Think Good to Feel Good Tips – (Posted on SlideShare) in my last week’s personal development session.

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