The vision thing

People study in the same schools from the same teachers, use the same facilities and sometimes get to work in the same company. Still, their degree of success is different. Why?

Each one of us is different and each one of us takes different actions in different situations.

Why different actions?

Because we “see” the situations differently.

If a person is an optimist, then he would see possibilities in every situation. And if a person is pessimistic, then he would see obstacles in every situation.

Since I work with Software Engineers all the time, let me give you an example of our development team: When every programmer has a Mac with more or less the same configuration and same version of Swift, the quality of code differs. No matter how much the organization tries to ‘control’ it. Programmers see things differently.

Every programmer has a different vision for the code they produce.  The Vision.


I have observed people who came from nowhere, had no degree in Software Engineering, still managed to get themselves hired in the team and reached to their professional apex with their ability to see and execute.

Often, they did not limit themselves to a particular job tag or title and focused on executing as their vision led them.

Seth Godin has written a great post on learning how to see.  A must read. An excerpt:

Seeing, despite the name, isn’t merely visual. I worked briefly with Arthur C. Clarke thirty years ago, and he saw, but he saw in words, and in concepts. The people who built the internet, the one you’re using right now, saw how circuits and simple computer code could be connected to build something new and bigger. Others had the same tools, but not the same vision.

Imagine what’s possible. Make impossible I M Possible and make things happen. You don’t need an invitation to make something happen when you see it that way.

I see that each one of us is like a Startup. And we have to make our startup successful. We make our startup successful by “seeing”  what is invisible to the most and then taking massive actions.

Ability to “see” is extremely important to startups. Similarly, the ability to “see” is extremely important to us as individuals too.

You can create what you see. You can’t create what you can’t see unless someone else sees it for you.

But why rely on someone else’s ability to visualize for yourself. Why can’t you see for yourself? Certainly, you can.

Hellen Keller said it so apt way:

“The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”

You know that you’re not born to be a pathetic person. You are born to thrive. Go, see for yourself!

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