The problem with sharing your knowledge…

…is that it might enable your colleague to outperform.

The problem with not sharing your knowledge is that it will seldom add up different perspectives to what you already know.

Some of you believe that sharing your knowledge is a risk and you fear that you might lose your importance but rewards come to those who take risks. And such risks are just another form of actions, isn’t it?

No actions, no results. That’s all, everything else is a commentary.

PS: An international author and a friend, Tanmay Vora of QAspire is speaking at Ahmedabad Management Association on the topic “Personal Mastery: The Key to Deliver Quality” (Friday, 08-Jul-2011 at 18:30 IST). It is an evening talk open for all. If you happen to be in Ahmedabad during that time, then this is a good opportunity to learn from someone who is sharing his 12+ years of hands-on experience on the subject. I look forward to attending the talk to learn from his experiences.