Break the safety zone barrier

The problem with not getting out of the safety zone and always living in the comfort zone is that it keeps you away from being excellent at what you do.

Safety becomes a paradigm that holds you back from taking necessary risks that help you go to the next level.

The prototype of safety is a lot misunderstood. For most of us, it simply means not leaving the known.  Interestingly, the standard prototype of the safety (not taking the risks) is the most unsafe one. Here’s why: It keeps you away from traveling the road less traveled and discovering new avenues.

The real safety comes from your ability to continuously ‘execute’ the right things despite the adversities.

To combat the adversities, you need to have the skills that are aligned with the needs.

And, you achieve such skills by setting up stretch goals, measuring its progress by inspecting what you expect and aligning your actions towards achieving the same.

It is said that safety never takes a holiday – that’s true only when you continuously invest in yourself by taking the required risks, isn’t it so?