The inordinate team member

Have you ever led a team that has an inordinate team member?

In most cases, it is good to eliminate such a team member sooner than later. However, there are situations where you employ the tactical approach and don’t sack him. Or her.

The reasons could be one or more of the following:

  • When you hired him, you’d anticipated that you’d keep him, and he’s serving a greater purpose than just being an inordinate team member;
  • He possesses the skills no one else would have, and you make a deliberate compromise;
  • The consequences of sacking him are much worse than keeping him;
  • Or he’s just indispensable …

But if there is no such case and if such a team member is found doing one or more of the following, it is worth sacking him sooner than later:

  • He intentionally spoils inter-team relationships;
  • His work is negatively impacting the project;
  • He diverts you from living your company vision and achieving your goals;
  • He’s replaceable …

Sure, whether to sack such a team member will be a situational decision, but I’ve experienced that having the right person on the team is non-negotiable.

Inordinate or otherwise, if the person is not adding value to the team or the team is not adding value to the person, and both are not serving the business goal, it is better to conclude sooner than later.