The “Caste” Question

“Which caste do you belong to?”

I have seen people asking such a question even in 2013.

Yes, even in 2013!

Offending + silly yet still in practice. At least in India.

A couple of days ago, an elderly local businessman, asked me the above question.

“I’m a human being consciously trying to be a better soul than who I am today,” I replied.

The businessman did not like my answer. But I’m glad I gave him the above answer.

I don’t give a damn about caste. Mine or anyone else’s.

Still many people in the society judge you by the “caste” you were born in. At least in countries like India.

It’s a pity.

It’s a pity because of the societies with such ridiculous discriminations are still functional.

More human-serving discrimination is the difference you make in this world, isn’t it?

I’d have been happy to answer if the question I was asked was: “What difference have you made in people’s lives to date?”

What kind of world do you want to live?

The world where you are judged based on the caste you were born into or the world where you are judged based on your deeds?

You know the answer.

And you have a choice too to change the question.