Take more chances

He fails more than most. He fails almost all the time. In relationships…In businesses…In life…In almost everything.

Once he wondered why so much of failure.

But then he got it – taking more chances were the cause of his so much of failures. He takes chances more than most and he fails more than most. But when he reflected, he found that he succeeds more than most too.

Stephen Covey once wrote, “Success is on the far side of failure.” Cannot agree more. The best everyone in this world has failed more than most. Best businesspeople, best organizations, best players…best everyone.

To me, life is a temporary state and so is a failure. Failure stays as “failure” only if we bring it home. Sure, we should take a pause and learn from it but important is to move on to the next action, as quickly as possible.

I agree with an old saying that only chance you miss is the chance you don’t take.

So, starting today, let’s learn to take more chances. Be more demanding: Ask for the quick turn in the restaurant waiting. Do not accept anything but best from your team members. Ask your loved ones to be with you when you need them. Just ask. At worst, the answer will be “No” but there’s a chance of getting “Yes” too. If you don’t ask if you don’t take chances, the answer is always “No”, isn’t it?

In order to win a battle, you have to fight it. When you fight a battle, there are chances that you lose. That’s okay. If it kills, you will be proud of what you did. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger with more probability of winning your next battle.

Then he smiled and made himself ready for the next battle. What about you?