Take care of yourself

Who will take care of yourself if not you?

You take care of yourself when you feel good about yourself. You can’t influence anyone if you don’t feel good about yourself. You can’t be positive energy to someone if you don’t possess positive energy.

Take care of yourself: put your oxygen mask first.

The logic is clear: if you can’t breathe, how can you help someone else breathe?

If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be at mercy of others to take care of yourself.

  • When you are at mercy of others, you won’t be proud of yourself.
  • When you’re not proud of yourself, your confidence will keep away from you.
  • When you’re not confident, you won’t believe in your own abilities.
  • When you don’t trust our own abilities, you act based on fears.
  • Your every act based on fear will keep you a mile away from your true self.

Being away from your true self is the greatest curse that a human being can have.

Don’t do that. Instead, take care of yourself :).

Doesn’t matter if you are not successful. Doesn’t matter if you’re not good looking. Doesn’t matter if you do not have great degrees from Harvard.

You don’t need all of these to take care of yourself; all you need to do is to believe that you can.

Invest in your own self. Gain more knowledge. Date with nature. Get into great shape. Read motivational books, watch inspirational videos and go through autobiographies that inspire. Work like a captain; play like a pirate. Enjoy every bit of life in all what you do.

Taking your own care is the most unselfish act. People who do not take care of themselves often fall into a trap of inferiority complex and engage in acts that are not only harmful to others but their own self.

Such people cannot face the realities of their life. And, people who cannot face the realities of their life often do the things that they regret.

Don’t be such a person.

Or even if you know you are such a person, the good news is that you can change yourself for your own good. Consider what Nido Qubein said:

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Start taking care of yourself today and make the world a better place.