Stop talking

Stop talking.

Stop talking nonsense, at least.

The problem with talkers is that they rarely go into the greater depth of the details.

The programmer who replies, “We must go with MVVM pattern for this application because of (concrete) X, Y and Z reasonings, here’s the demo application that I created last week…” will be respected more compared to the one who says, “Everybody is using MVVM these days, we should also use that in our new application.”

Leading by example is more respected than just proposing something vaguely out of your high-level knowledge.

If you still want to talk about something, know the subject well, make yourself well informed about the latest happenings in the subject and be thorough in your knowledge about whatever you’re talking. Or else, what’s the point?

So, stop just talking and start leading by example. Perhaps that’s why it’s said that the Devil is in the details.