Stop finding your true Calling!

…start doing what motivates you, instead.

If you think that your true calling should be similar to what Gates or Jobs had, you’re missing a point.

If you think your true calling should be similar to what Nelson Mandela or Gandhi had, you’re still missing a point.

They did what they thought was right and they did it so well that everything around them got transformed because of their energy and execution.

Two questions that need to be answered as spontaneously as you can imagine are:

  1. What’s it that motivates me?
  2. What’s it that frightens me?

Pause for a minute and think about the above questions – they hold the power to make your life more meaningful.

If you’re obsessed with playing that piece of music or writing that blog post without any expectation of any financial reward, go even deeper, maybe that’s your true calling!

If you keep thinking about transforming the way the software industry works and if that frightens you, probably that’s a worthy undertaking for you.

You grow by doing what motivates you or what frightens you, not by trying to find your true calling!