Do you call your company an innovative company?

Like most companies, you too want to claim to be innovative, isn’t it?

The truth is: most companies are, well, not at all innovative.

And, that’s okay.

If you develop an average product or provide an average service consistently, chances are, you will make good profits. Those profits might be in millions and still, you may not be an innovative company.

If you really are (an innovative company), you don’t need to say it. Let people take a note of it. Prove it with the output you produce.

Best kind of innovation is: when people make a note of it because it is VISIBLE to them. That’s why perhaps it is said, “Your Work Speaks Louder Than Your Words!”

So, ask yourself this: will calling yourself an innovative company address that problem or you need to go back to the whiteboard?

And, going back to the whiteboard is also okay :).

Stop calling yourself an innovative company, be it. [Click to Tweet]