Stay positive

So you want to stay positive regardless of what happens to you? Here is how to stay positive even when situations don’t let you.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Walt Whitman

I’m a pretty positive person – I consider it one of the major contributors in making the present version of myself.

I couldn’t have left my small town without a positive mindset, nor created a business that would sell for millions in the future, or decided to write a book. I couldn’t have lost 30 lbs in 2012 or quit my six-figure corporate job to start something on my own.

Positive thinking has changed my life. Of course, positively.

But I did not have positive mindset a few years back.

I was a pessimist person who was almost always living an empty and unhappy life because I was lost in million different reasonings and meanings of those reasonings.

One day, it all changed for good. I learned to be unreasonable and living in the present moment. The observation about me being pessimist was this – being not so positive helped me because it created a hell-like need for me to stay positive.

So how did I changed myself?

Here are 20 thoughts that have helped me to stay positive and change my life for good.

  1. Become aware of your self-talk;
  2. Let go of negative thoughts;
  3. Perceive that positive thinking is the  way to go;
  4. Scarcity mindset has never served anyone. Cultivate abundance mindset;
  5. Be grateful for what you already have;
  6. Know that if you have just one person in your life who loves you for who you are then you’re amongst wealthiest human beings in the world;
  7. Stop comparing yourself with others;
  8. Read the world’s greatest success stories;
  9. See bad things as a blessing in disguise;
  10. See failures as just a far side of success;
  11. Know that criticism is just a point of view. Accept it with nimbleness;
  12. But ignore the pessimists;
  13. Stay in a company of possibility thinkers;
  14. If you can quit, quit as soon as you can;
  15. But If you can’t quit, don’t complain. Lead the change instead;
  16. Create your self-image of an extremely positive and successful person;
  17. Read “The Secret” Book and do some experiments based on that;
  18. Be open to humor;
  19. Just smile;
  20. Take more chances.

Read the following Quotes and reflect on it:

On decision-making:

“I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.” ~ Muhammad Ali Jinnah

No one can help you die:

“Feast, and your halls are crowded
Fast, and the world goes by
Succeed and give, and it helps you live
But no man can help you die”
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

On surprising life:

“Life is full of surprises, so you may as well get used to it.” ~ Susan Meddaugh, Cinderella’s Rat

The most incredible architecture is the architecture of self,  that is changing constantly.

Every tiny act you engage in, consciously or subconsciously,  is a possibility to make something happen.  For the greater good of yourself and everyone around.

Choose to stay positive.