Stay hungry 7

  1. Ask Why and why and why again till you got your answer. Related Read: Five Why Technique by Tanmay Vora.
  2. Radiate energy. Keep moving. Act Now. Get Results. Retrospect. Radiate energy and keep moving.
  3. When you fail, get back to climbing your apex as soon as you can. Try once more. Keep burning desire to reach your apex. Related Read: Keep Delivering.
  4. Enjoy the present moment. It is not good. It is not bad. It is the present moment and whatever is happening to you is for good. Enjoy that. Related Read: Savor the Surprise.
  5. Start each new day with a new energy that energizes others. New day, a new beginning. A new beginning, new life. What is past is history which doesn’t matter. Well, today it doesn’t. Related Read: Right Now.
  6. Express yourself in whatever way you could. Draw. Sing. Speak. Write. Take photos. Whatever.
  7. Ask yourself every day – Am I living my primary aim? If not, then it’s never too late to change.¬†Related Read: Your Fundamental Goal.