Sow more to reap more

Everyone knows this metaphor:

“You reap what you sow.”

Or you think good to feel good or what you harvest is what you grow.

When there’s undersupply, you worry a lot about securing more parts of it. You compete more. You feel more insecure and you worry more. But when there’s an abundant supply, you don’t worry much. You don’t feel a need to compete. You feel a lot less insecure and find yourself more in peace.

  • Give more attention and you get more;
  • Show more interest and you’ll be taken note of;
  • Exhibit more positivity and you’ll be surrounded by positive people…

So, invest in planting necessary seeds…for your own good, at least. Everyone around you will also get some good results as a byproduct!

It is in your hand to create ample supply. You can sow enough to reap enough…Harvest what you grow, you reap what you sow!