Random thoughts on software development

What should our software application offer?

How can we provide that amazing experience to our customers?

It’s about creating that awesome user experience.

Actually, It’s about creating value, isn’t it?

Oh.. and ROI too.

Need to do something that we haven’t offered, let’s make an iPhone app!

What do customers want?

…but, do they know?

…perhaps not, did anybody know how would an iPhone work?

Why outperform the competition, can we NOT make it irrelevant?

How about offering huge discounts this summer? It should work.

What about attending that trade show?

Let’s serve better coffee to our employees, they will love to work more.

…but actually, it was about doing less, more powerfully isn’t it?

Yes, it was but will try it next year maybe.

Shall I submit our software application for that award? Shall we make it?

Too much hard work is responsible for this crappy feature.

Let’s build a limited, great software application. Well, it’s good to have a few more features developed faster. Seems I miss the point.

Oh Gosh…Customers would have accepted our software if we haven’t offered those features. Let’s try once more.