In fictions, often the lead character kicks down the ladder. He smashes others that come his way. From people to Bullet Trains to Airplanes to Cities to Space-stations to Hearts.

Typically, it is like “The lead character wins, everyone else loses!” A binary result. Zero or one.

The readers like it because of the emotions they produce in their mind. Crystal clarity about the goal, if anyone come your way, he’s dead. Clear path to success. Cool, ya?

The thinking, “I am so aggressively married with my goal that I choose being the extremist – with things or people, at any cost.” translates to smashing others.

And the key phrase here is “AT ANY COST!”

At the cost of careers; at the cost of emotions; at the cost of relationships …

This is how we smash everything that we have. We even kick the ladder down.

The reality, of course, is that life is not binary. If we think in zero and one and nothing else then we miss on many aspects of what is called “life”.

Granted, you have crystal clear goals. Now, smashing others is easy through the weapon of clarity but taking others with you in a way that they also feel it is their own goal is difficult.

Your life account gets credited when you include others positively and debited when you smash them. When you smash others, it does not just damage the people or the things you crush on, it damages your credit score as well.

But good most things in life are nonbinary much similar to the most humans.

Does a good credit score matter to you? You better know it.