Smart as a Whip 101

  1. Read.
  2. Read more;
  3. Read meaningful books;
  4. Read meaningful books and blogs;
  5. Keep reading;
  6. Keep reading something you would like to learn from;
  7. Walk.
  8. Walk more;
  9. Keep walking;
  10. Keep walking; pause;
  11. Keep walking; pause, pause often;
  12. Keep walking, pause often; Reflect on why you’re walking;
  13. Write.
  14. Write a daily book;
  15. Write a daily book of experiences called journal;
  16. Keep writing. Eventually, it will become the basis of practical learning.
  17. Talk.
  18. Talk less;
  19. Talk less; listen more.
  20. Remember: We have 2 ears (to listen) and one mouth (to talk);
  21. Talk only when you really need to.
  22. Pause.
  23. Pause, slow down;
  24. Pause and slow down, to enjoy the journey.
  25. Pause, Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly.
  26. Eat.
  27. Eat tasty food;
  28. Eat tasty and healthy food;
  29. While eating, healthy is better than tasty.
  30. Pray.
  31. Pray daily;
  32. Pray for someone who is near to you;
  33. Pray for someone who is not;
  34. Keep praying.
  35. Be prepared.
  36. Be prepared, practice a lot.
  37. Be prepared, practice a lot, and excel in your subject like no one else has done, ever.
  38. Deliver.
  39. Deliver early;
  40. Deliver early; deliver often.
  41. Keep delivering;
  42. Keep Delivering Happiness.
  43. Imagine.
  44. Imagine vividly;
  45. Imagine vividly and creatively;
  46. Imagine vividly, creatively and severely;
  47. Imagine vividly, creatively, severely and ruminatively.
  48. Plan.
  49. Plan just enough;
  50. Plan just enough and be flexible enough to respond to changes.
  51. Change.
  52. Embrace change;
  53. Embrace change and treat change as an only constant;
  54. Keep changing, for good.
  55. Execute.
  56. Execute the right thing;
  57. Execute the right thing for the right mission;
  58. Execute the right thing for the right mission and for the right vision;
  59. Focus.
  60. Laser focus;
  61. Focus on the most important ;
  62. Focus on the most important thing that matters now.
  63. Learn.
  64. Learn more;
  65. Learn more but study less;
  66. Keep learning.
  67. Unlearn.
  68. Unlearning is harder than learning;
  69. Unlearning is being open to change; embracing the change;
  70. Unlearning is the most powerful learning tool.
  71. Relearn.
  72. Relearn what you have unlearned;
  73. Relearn with a different perspective;
  74. Relearning brings you near to enlightenment.
  75. Thank.
  76. Thank him;
  77. Thank her;
  78. Thank them all;
  79. Thank you is one of the most powerful words.
  80. Be happy.
  81. Be happy for no reasons;
  82. Be happy for who you are;
  83. Be happy for who you are not;
  84. Choose to be happy.
  85. Measure.
  86. Measure what is important;
  87. Have the right metrics for measurement;
  88. Remember: things can be managed well if it can be measured.
  89. Manage.
  90. Manage yourself first;
  91. Manage yourself first and then manage others;
  92. Remember; if it’s not inherited from ‘people’ class, manage.
  93. Show up;
  94. Show up if it’s a good day;
  95. Show up if it’s bad;
  96. Even if you think you’ll fail, just show up.
  97. Lead.
  98. Lead almost always;
  99. Lead beyond your title.
  100. Remember: People cannot be managed, only led.
  101. So, lead, lead, lead – with or without a title.