7 most common deathbed regrets

Do you have any regrets in your life?

All of us have.  Having some sorts of regrets is common, I get it. But the worst kind of regrets is realized on the deathbed.

Often, when on the deathbed, people feel that they would have lived their life differently.

They wish they had:

  1. …been more adventurous to create the life the wanted, rather than waiting for others’ direction;
  2. …told those three words to her (or him) … “I love you!”
  3. …called their childhood buddies more often than they did;
  4. …slowed down and spent quality time with their family rather than being workaholic puppets;
  5. … known that life is too short to play small;
  6. … known that all it takes one match to light a forest fire and they wish they had been that match;
  7. …chosen to play the music, rather allowing the music to play with them.

Good news? You’re not on your deathbed.

And still you’re reading this – so pause for a moment and think about how you’d like to spend the rest of the time that’s available to you in this life …

Pause. Slow down. Reflect. And. Do. What. Feels. Right.