Set yourself free

For the past couple of months, my writing frequency has been reduced a lot. Something else has taken the priority.

There is always a battle going on between what we need and what we want.

While there’s nothing wrong in wanting something, you should get absolutely clear about how you want to live your life: the kind of experiences you’d like to create or participate in. 

Buddha says the greatest joy in life is freedom: freedom from all the ideologies, desires, prejudices, obsessiveness, hatred, anger, rage, lust…freedom from everything.

What do you get when you get free from all this stuff? Nothing? 

When you get free from all these, you remain as your pure being. Pure consciousness. Without any bounds. Full of possibilities.

The possibilities to create something that might not exist.

The good news is that it is within everyone’s reach. All you have to do is to dare, decide and do the ONE thing that is important to you. 

Embrace the change. Know that anything alive is always changing. You will experience many climates, many moods and encounter many surprises in the course.

That’s normal and that’s the greatest act of freedom. Set yourself free from your mental constraints and do one thing deliberately. One thing. Anything. Savor the present moment and forget everything else. Keep faith in your abilities to deal with an uncertain next.

Easier said than done.