Serve a Great Sandwich

Many businesses strive to chase the numbers by offering a number of products and services. Piles of bread, hundred different types of sandwiches.

Doesn’t matter if their product X is almost similar to competitor’s  product Y – they try to win over the price war. And its okay even if they don’t conquer the whole market, they are satisfied with just 3% of the overall market share.  It’s just one of the many product offerings they have.

Doesn’t matter if a customer gets frustrated with their services and leaves for the competition. He anyways represents a segment in which they’d find two more like him.

For a few businesses, only for a few, the opposite is true.

For one customer, one sandwich at a time, prepared and served with great care.

Freshness of the bread, quantity of cheese, quantity of ingredients, amount of sauces, time spent on backing and smile on the waiter’s face while serving – each detail is taken care. Not surprisingly, such businesses flourish regardless of the type of sandwiches they sell.

Not serving anything is a better choice than serving mediocre sandwiches.