On selfishness

Here is the dictionary meaning of selfishness: it is the quality or state of being selfish; lack of consideration for other people.

Usually selfishness is considered a negative trait however it is possible to look at it with a different perspective to it.


It can be a great enabler to execution. It is just the sense of ‘self’ that is either restrictive or expanded.

My beloved
My family
My community
My team
My company
My society
My country
My world

‘My’ {whatever} !

It is nothing but a way of expanding your self into a different (hopefully higher) level of consciousness.

When we are chasing achievement, we inherently being selfish. But we don’t think like that.

Isn’t it an opportunity to revisit the concept of selfishness … and include it in your being in such a way that it raises your human consciousness?


It is unique to everyone and the key is to figure that thing out by observation and experimentation.