Seek out a difficult job

When you work with a traditional company, you follow more or less this:

  • You join the company;
  • You understand its processes and systems;
  • You sharpen your skills if need be;
  • You get settled,

…and you progress predictably.

That is the kind of a plan; the way it appears most new graduates have.

If they are interviewed by a company that values execution more than processes, they feel scared and don’t pick up the phones from HR of that company in hopes that they will find a “better” company who will offer them tons of salary on the basis of their academic degrees, and not on “execution-abilities”.

Aren’t they taught to play small with their lives when they’re taught to find a ‘secure’ job?

Here’s to the new graduates who need a secure job:

It is easy to get an easy job; it is easier to get fired when you work in an “easy” job. Instead, seek out the difficult job. It’s an opportunity for you to stand out. It’s an opportunity for you to make a difference.

The easy job turns difficult when you lose it and it becomes harder and harder to find another “easy” job.

The difficult job is easy because it is easy to get another difficult job.

Yesteryears smartness was in finding an easy job from a paymaster company with a predictable growth path.

Today’s smartness is in finding a difficult job that only a few can dare to take on, doing it with your 100% and create a path on your own.

Do you still live in yesteryears?

Look forward to the difficult job, because you are smart because you know that only security is your ability to deal with an uncertain next because that works.