Scrap that beautiful design

Got an email from a friend that took me to visit his web site. Got surprised to see the same old site he had developed in 2005.

That site was beautiful but the design was outdated.

Eight years and no change. It was not responsive. Not looking good in tablet and mobile devices. Some text content was written as images.

Its user experience was less than average at its best.

So, I couldn’t resist calling him.

“I can’t change that design!” He objected

He said it was a great design. It was. He said he personally invested several months to develop it. He did. But in 2013 his visitors would certainly not be happy about it.

After me persuading him for half an hour he agreed to “think” about it as finally he got convinced what my point was.

The business that doesn’t care about their client’s need doesn’t work well over the long run. The website is just an example but it is suggestive of a mindset.

In today’s world, people use smartphones, tablets, and laptops with retina display. Presenting them same old 800 px x 600 px resolution website that is not responsive and not mobile friendly is worse than not having a website.

If you can’t make it useful for people who will use it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the design is, it has got to go.