Right Now – 2 most powerful words

Right Now!

Probably they are the two most powerful words!

These words can make your life.

These words can bring your attention to the most powerful happening in the universe: the present moment.

There is nothing more powerful than the awareness of the present moment because in the present moment action happens and actions bring results!

Here is what you are creating while you’re saying these words: Right Now.

  • This is my time and I am starting to work on doing what matters to me the most;
  • The time is right and I want to take necessary actions now;
  • I have nothing more important than this moment where I am giving my 100% of attention;
  • I’m applying all my courage to the most important action at my hand!

You are making a choice to ignite for action. When you take actions, you get results.

You are charged, and you are okay operating out of your comfort zone. If you are not charged, you will procrastinate. Isn’t it so?

You are being unjudgemental and brutally honest with yourself. Your awareness has your strengths and weaknesses covered.

You are choosing to travel where there is no road.

You’re choosing the “now” – meaning you are choosing to be responsible. You are choosing to be accountable for whatever choice you have made.

You are creating meaning for your present moment and filing yourself with the self-confidence.

The power is in the moment…it’s now or never. Do something right now it will be gone.