Real Vs. Synthetic

Have you ever observed a “real” life?

Real life is like a flower… it cannot be created by an automated process; it just happens.

Still, most societies prepare you to live a synthetic life. They prepare you to only learn the things that are well accepted according to the defined social norms.

Such societies encourage (and sometimes compel) you to follow certain rules and rituals to make you compliant to live within those societies.

They instill beliefs in you such as: if you don’t comply with the rules, you will be marked as a “bad” social being and so on.

The requirement to comply with the rules is a product of fear. Fear causes inaction. Fear causes synthetic living… Yet, most societies are built based on fear.

The societies try to protect what cannot be protected. They think that if they preserve “life”, they’ll get more of it. If people take only predictable actions, they can be replicated. If the outcomes of your activities are definite, they can be automated.

Protecting what cannot be protected is unnatural. Predictable things are boring and processes that can be automated are mechanical. For example, if you can predict exactly when it will rain and you’ll lose its charm of enjoying the rainfall. And, if you try to preserve the freshness of fruits in your refrigerator, the fruits will taste different.

Life flows like a river, if you try to preserve it, it will lose its freshness.

Real life has liveliness. The real life has fragrance. Real life has agility. Synthetic life has nothing to contribute to your real life. It doesn’t have liveliness. It doesn’t have fragrance. It doesn’t have agility.

Synthetic life only looks like a life, but it is not (a life).

Like synthetic flowers, synthetic life is easy, you do not need to water it, and you do not need to take care of its roots. Synthetic life doesn’t have the potential to grow from what it is.

Real life has a great potential to transform itself into an even livelier life but … real life is not easy. You need to water it, be conscious at the moment and take care of its roots. Real life requires the courage to lead despite the fears that all human beings face.  Real life needs creativity on your part. Every real being needs that.

When you were a child, you didn’t know what you later learned being in society, you were living the real life maybe without knowing if it were real… Don’t you still want it? What do you think you should do to make it happen?