Punishment 10

When it comes to giving punishment to the others, please consider the following:

  1. Punishment may (or may not) give a temporary solution;
  2. Punisher (e.g. the boss) has to be constantly present;
  3. Punishment does not teach what is appropriate;
  4. Punishment produces increased fear in the mind of the receiver;
  5. Punishment demotivates the receiver and makes him less effective.
  6. Punishment produces negative emotional side-effects;
  7. Punishment encourages rigid and inflexible behavior patterns;
  8. Punishment can result in counter-aggression or counter-control;
  9. Punishment has a cascading bad-effect;
  10. Punishment doesn’t help the business (or personal relationship or anything)!

While sometimes, punishing the other may be appropriate, using punishment as a preferred tool is not always helpful.