The new phenomenal

I have built a great app, it works on iOS8!

And you have to eat at this restaurant, they serve you within just 15 minutes and they serve tasty food. And, their restaurant staff is polite too.

Nothing is phenomenal about the above examples.

We live in the age where it is expected for an app to work on the latest version of the OS that is just made available.

And it is the most basic expectation from a restaurant to serve you tasty food in a timely manner, with very good customer service.

Means of experiences are so easily accessible that it is redefining what is phenomenal.

Decades ago, in the factory world, it used to work what you “say.”

Now, in connection economy, it is no longer what you just say; it is what you do.

It. Is. What. You. Do.

If you connect with them personally and delight them by doing something unexpectedly well for them, it is phenomenal.

Old phenomenal is new normal.

And, new phenomenal is the real phenomenal!