The Peacock

Spotted a beautiful peacock waiting for the rain.

wait of a peacock

Observed him for a few mins: apparently, he had no reason to be unhappy, but like most human beings, he was not at his happiest.

The reason?

The rain hadn’t come yet.

He was waiting for the rain to come. He was waiting to dance with all his craziness. He was waiting for his peahen to notice and talk to him as soon as possible.

But there was no rain. And there was no peahen.

When the peacock opens his feathers, he becomes vulnerable. Scary animals, such as Tigers, can target him easily when he is vulnerable … but he’s okay with it. All he wants is the rain so he can dance and bring his head, heart, and soul together at the moment.

The peacock is not only waiting for the rain but also to express himself fully and show his true self to someone who matters to him the most.

The waiting of the peacock reminds me that no matter what beauty one possesses or what credentials one has acquired in his life, he always wants something else to include in his being.

Like the peacock needs the rain and a peahen to participate in the experience he wants to create, humans, too, need others to participate in the experiences they want to create.

The best way to deal with it is to accept that vulnerability is okay.

Being vulnerable does not make a man (or a woman) weak. In fact, it makes them strong and opens them to newer possibilities.

Vulnerability attracts. Vulnerability connects. Vulnerability creates.

Vulnerability creates new life experiences.

Sometimes, it is okay to wait. Sometimes, it is okay to be vulnerable. Sometimes, it is okay to let things happen … but it is not okay to stop doing your part.

The peacock waits for the rain but does not stop singing to call the rain. This is very important. You should not stop your efforts when waiting for an external circumstance to turn favorable.

That’s one thing we can learn from the waiting of the peacock – depend on others, but continue doing your part.

And one day, you’ll find your rain … and your peahen!