Pacesetters 10

In today’s cutting edge business environments, the essence of pace-setting is huge. Pacesetters can take the organization to new heights.

Here are select traits are commonly seen in the pacesetters.

  1. Think outside of the box: approach challenges, ideas, struggles from unusual perspectives;
  2. Look for an opportunity to create (reusable) systems out of each frustration;
  3. Challenge and question the basic notions and traditions of the current practices;
  4. Focus on the results rather than means to get the results;
  5. Feel concerned when they’re engaged in routine monotonous work;
  6. Strive to seek new ways to accomplish the tasks;
  7. Exhibit loyalty to what they do;
  8. Believe that ‘change’ is the only constant thing;
  9. Know that they will achieve what they perceive;
  10. Treat failure as an opportunity to reach the new heights!

Setting the pace is usually not a mainstream job ut it is so crucial that the managers, team leaders, and taskmasters must give it enough attention to perform well.